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The born of Hearthfire in Skyrim

With Skyrim’s latest game add-on, players can build their own home from the ground up. Beginning with a small, one room cabin in The Pale, Falkreath, or Hjaalmarch, players can eventually construct a fully functioning home with more features than you could possibly expect. More ESO News and Guides on Esozone.org, we will help you to enjoy this wonderful game.

In many ways, this house-building process is analogous to the evolution of Hearthfire’s development.

Like Dawnguard, Hearthfire’s inception came out of Bethesda Game Studios’ first-ever “Game Jam”, a weeklong exercise where members of the team shared in-game ideas for expanding Skyrim.

“When the Game Jam invitation arrived, I was looking for something different from what I’d traditionally do as a designer,” lead designer, Bruce Nesmith recollected. “To make it a reality, I knew I needed an artist to tag team, so I approached Robert [Wisnewski] and we collaborated on the project that was presented to the team.”

Wisnewski, an environmental artist for Skyrim, was inspired to expand upon the game’s housing options in large part because of his enthusiasm for Skyrim’s crafting systems.

“It started as a small idea to expand on the crafting element of the game because alchemy, smithing and enchanting were things I was interested in when we were playtesting the game,” said Wisnewski.

Meanwhile Nesmith, a fan of the popular game Minecraft, wanted players to have more ways to create content in the game. “Being a fan of [Minecraft], I asked, ‘Why can’t I build things in our game?’”

What Changes Will Soccer Events Bring to Cayman

A latest survey of Runme shows that more than US$30 million of economic activity in the Cayman Islands since Jeff Webb took over the presidency, according to a report produced by MaplesFS for the organization, to get more informations about football on Runeme.com.

Regional football governing body CONCACAF has generated more than US$30 million of economic activity in the Cayman Islands since Jeff Webb took over the presidency, according to a report produced by MaplesFS for the organization.

CONCACAF tournaments and events, as well as the presence of the president’s office in the Cayman Islands, helped pump millions of dollars into the local economy from 2012 to 2014, the report suggests.

Events like the 2013 CONCACAF Summit, which brought soccer officials including FIFA president Sepp Blatter to Cayman, and two regional under-15 tournaments featuring teams from more than 20 countries were highlighted as money-spinning events held in the territory over the past three years.

The report lists 14 courses, meetings and events diverted to Cayman since Webb took office in 2012.

An introduction to the document indicates that it was produced to determine the dual economic impact of CONCACAF events and competitions in the Cayman Islands (2012-2014) and the location of the CONCACAF president’s office in the Cayman Islands (2012-2014).

The report also highlights coaching courses, the expenses of the president’s office and the Women’s Under-20 Championships held here last year, as contributing to some $19 million in direct spending in the country.

It estimates that a further $11 million of economic activity has been generated through increased business activity as a result of these events.

The biggest beneficiary is the tourism industry, with air travel, accommodation and meals and entertainment boosted by the various events.

According to the report, based on data provided to Maples by CONCACAF, the presence of the president’s office in Cayman alone has generated nearly $8 million in economic impact, including administrative and travel expenses.

Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell welcomed the report, saying CONCACAF events helped bring in hundreds of extra visitors to Cayman during the off-season.

“Funds from CONCACAF stimulate the economy and trickle down to a full spectrum of businesses, ranging from large hotels and accommodations providers to small local restaurants and transportation service providers,” he said.

The MaplesFS report was commissioned by local television station Cayman 27 and CONCACAF, which is the governing body for 41 football associations in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

The report highlights the under-15 boys and under-15 girls football tournaments as having the biggest impact on the economy.

The boys tournament will be staged in Cayman again in August and will feature 32 teams and bring an estimated 1,000 people to the island.

Mr. Kirkconnell said government had invested several million dollars in upgrading sports facilities and insisted the tournaments showed the territory was a viable “sports tourism” destination.

Tamriel Unlimited Sets the Stage for Elder Scrolls 6

ESO News – Game developer Bethesda gave a tease of the sixth installment of its open-world fantasy role-playing video game “Elder Scrolls 6” by announcing the official title of the latest game in its series, more ESO Guides and news on Esozone.org.

Bethesda said then that it will be titled “Elder Scrolls 6: Argonia” and that the company will be officially launching the game during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center this coming June 16 to 18.

Also during CES 2015, the developer said that it is very unlikely that it shall be able to release the game to the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC within the year and that it is most likely that it can do so by the first quarter of next year at the earliest.

However, latest reports now indicate that “Elder Scrolls 6” will most likely be released not on the first quarter of next year but around the second half of next year.

According to a report by Realty Today, Bethesda wants to release its other widely-anticipated video game title “Fallout 4” before “Elder Scrolls 6,” so much so that it has given priority to the former over the latter in terms of focus and promotional initiatives.

Based on previous reports, “Fallout 4” is expected to be released to the next gen gaming consoles and the PC in May 2016 and as such Bethesda may roll out “Elder Scrolls 6” a few months after that. Thus, a March 2016 release for the fantasy role-playing game may no longer be possible.

The Elder Scrolls new update, ‘Tamriel Unlimited’ for Mac, PC

According to the latest ESO News, the developer of “The Elder Scrolls Online,” already confirmed that it will bring the massively multiplayer online role-playing video game to next-generation consoles this year. But ahead of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers, more details on Esozone.org.

The game developer decided to remove the original subscription plan to start offering the optional, premium membership called ESO Plus. The new subscription plan comes with an updated pricing model, as well as a lot of new features, including several original contents like the missions, arena, as well as the latest high level areas.

Also, the new subscription plan comes with “The Elder Scrolls’” idea of a justice system, where players can break the law and opt to be a criminal that the guards can arrest. It also includes a new set of daily challenges and dungeon scaling in the new subscription type.

Press and Update further explained the new justice system that was launched in the new type of subscription. Although the game developer dubbed it as a justice system in “Elder Scrolls Online,” it is actually created to break the law. This is perfect for those who enjoy doing various crime in the fantasy world, such as stealing from the other players, mugging items from the NPC, as well as killing others if they want to. Players can continue to do crimes as long as they will not get caught, since it will be hard for them to escape the Tamriel authorities once they are trapped.

All these contents are available for the PC and Mac versions, but it will also be brought to the consoles as soon as “The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited” rolls out to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms on June 9.

Elder Scrolls 6 will be released in 2016

Developer Bethesda Softworks told Esozone that ‘Elder Scrolls 6′ release date set for 2016 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 14 this year, and this announcement has led to many tongues wagging about what the company will reveal in the middle of the year. More ESO News on Esozone.org, you can learn more things about Elder Scrolls.

According to Master Herald, the next installment in the “Elder Scrolls” series might be released by March next year, based on alleged interoffice memos said to have been leaked from Bethesda. This date sort of coincides with Venture Capital Post’s report, which places “The Elder Scrolls 6′s” release to be before “Fallout 4.” According to the report, the future title just might roll out by this December or January 2016, although it was quick to warn readers to take the info with caution.

Aside from the rumors on the game’s release date, there are also speculations on what direction the new title’s story will take. Since “The Elder Scrolls” series is known for its massively-large content and immersive story lines, the next series is touted to continue where the fifth installment, “Skyrim,” left off. In addition, the next ‘Elder Scrolls” game will reportedly focus on Argonians, the reptile-like residents of Tamriel, and locations will be centered on the Black Marsh. There are also reports that the new game will introduce more races and will feature back stories on most of Tamriel’s older races.

At any rate, Bethesda has made an announcement that one of the things to expect this June is the arrival of “The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited” to current-gen consoles, saying that it is “coming June 9th to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.” At the moment, it is available for PC and Mac.

Part of the post reads, “Featuring the entire original game and all six major content updates since launch – including the new Justice and Champion Systems – there’s never been a better time to play The Elder Scrolls with your friends. Rally your most trusted allies, take up your sword, and get ready to experience everything Tamriel has to offer with no restrictions!”

FIFA 15: FUT new update on PC

The feedback given on Facebook, Twitter, and other official EA Sports channels helped a fix come sooner rather than later. If you didn’t know already, there is a FIFA 15 PC update live today for Ultimate Team stability issues caused by the previous March patch. More FIFA 15 News on Runeme.

The FIFA 15 PC update went live on March 23, and is marked as “PC-only”. So, if you have any problems with FIFA Ultimate Team on PS4, Xbox One, or older consoles, then you should leave feedback on the said channels to help speed up a fix to current issues.

This particular update was much smaller than those seen in the past, as such EA’s help pages didn’t list a long list of patch notes. The comment said, “small update that addresses stability issues”. Another comment continued to explain that feedback helps them “prioritize and identify future improvements”, so again make sure you leave that feedback no matter what platform you are playing on.

Have you seen FIFA 15 PC improve after this latest update? Also, is there any other problems with the game and if so, detail the platform and issues in the comments below? Remember to follow Product Reviews on our social channels, as we will update readers the moment patch notes arrive for future updates on all systems.

It’s third time for Platini to be elected as UEFA leader

UTfifa15coins(Europe) – The European football legend Michel Platini will be the head of European governing body UEFA as a third term, putting him on course to add master sports powerbroker.

The 59-year-old, who led France to the European Championship in 1984, is certain to be elected at the UEFA Congress in Vienna as no-one from the 54 national federations has dared challenge him.

First elected as UEFA president in 2007, the former Juventus star and winner of three Ballon d’Or titles was returned by acclamation in 2011 and is embarking on a third term with one eye on the leadership of world football.

Platini decided against challenging Sepp Blatter for the FIFA presidency in May. But he is backing the three candidates battling the 79-year veteran.

“I feel very happy (at UEFA). Perhaps it isn’t my time at the moment to go to FIFA. We will see one day if I will go,” Platini said last week.

But he welcomed the challenge to Blatter by Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, a FIFA vice-president from Jordan, Dutch football federation president Michael van Praag and former Portugal international Luis Figo as “an opportunity to open a debate for democratic reasons.”

“FIFA needs new ideas, new programmes,” Platini added.

Platini’s Fair Play

In eight years leading UEFA, Platini has reinforced the stature of the Champions League, now one of the world’s most valuable sports brands. UEFA says the current tournament will bring in 1.34 billion euros ($1.45 billion).

He has also attacked profligate clubs, insisting that they cannot spend more than they earn under UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules. Offenders face tough sanctions as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain have already discovered.

The European Championship for countries is also being reformed.

Euro 2020 will be played in 13 cities in 13 different countries. A Nations League, which offers qualification for the European Championship finals, will from 2018 replace most of the friendlies played by European countries that get little attention.

But the Frenchman has faced criticism, particularly over the award of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

Platini was one of the first to publicly reveal that he was one of the FIFA executive members who voted for Qatar at the controversial 2010 meeting.

He says it was to show that football’s most important tournament should not be limited to Europe. Allegations of corruption have been made against Qatar’s bid, but none against the UEFA leader.

And Platini has been one of the most outspoken calling for the publication of a FIFA inquiry report by former US federal prosecutor Michael Garcia.

UEFA has changed dramatically from the times of Platini’s predecessor, Lennart Johansson of Sweden, according to most of its top officials.

“Now UEFA has an ‘executive’ president who is in the office every day, who gets involved in management.

Before him the president had his office in Sweden and it was his number two who followed daily affairs,” said one official with experience of both eras.

FIFA announced the final date for 2022 Qatar World Cup, December 18

UTfifa15coins – 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be held on December 18 in the northern winter, which has been announced by Football’s governing body FIFA yesterday, after a long controversial.

It also awarded the 2019 women’s World Cup to France which defeated South Korea in a vote by the FIFA executive committee.

The decision on the date of the 2022 final ended a long-running and acrimonious debate about the timing. A change to a winter World Cup was forced on FIFA by the scorching temperatures in Qatar in June-July.

European clubs have complained about the disruption to their cash-rich domestic championships, however.

And even the dates for the November-December tournament were not unanimous.

England and other countries opposed this because of the clash with traditional games played over the Christmas and New Year period.

UEFA, Europe’s governing body had initially preferred December 23 for the final, but have since changed their minds. European federations are still worried about dates for international matches scheduled at that time, however.

The compromise will probably see the tournament reduced to 28 days instead of the 32 for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

FIFA’s communications chief Walter de Gregorio said that deciding the date of the final was “an important step. Finally we know and we can move forward”.

An end to uncertainty

“The final will be on December 18. It is a Sunday and it is also the national day of Qatar, so it fits perfectly,” de Gregorio told reporters.

“In principle we try to play in 28 days. The next step will be to have different talks, especially (on) the international calendar,” the official added.

The date of the start of the tournament will probably not be decided until the end of the year, FIFA sources said.

Noel Le Graet, president of the French Football Federation, said the proposed date could push European leagues to play more matches in summer.

“It is a good decision for players,” Le Graet told reporters. “I have always been a supporter of playing less in winter and more in summer.”

European clubs are expected to press for some kind of compensation for halting their national league and Champions League games for at least five weeks.

Blatter has previously said that compensation was not needed. But he has since held talks with the head of the European Club Association, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, chairman of German giants Bayern Munich.

FIFA paid $70 million to clubs who had players at the 2014 World Cup and this scheme could be enlarged for 2022.

UEFA is already promising 150 million euros ($170 million) for clubs whose players are on duty at the 2016 European Championships in France.

France will also hold the 2019 women’s World Cup, which is fast growing in popularity around the globe, and the women’s under 20 World Cup in 2018.

Blatter said that France and South Korea had both been strong candidates for the World Cup but the final vote was made by the executive committee “with confidence”.

Blatter hailed France’s attempts to develop the women’s game.

“It is magnificent news for French women’s football,” said Lyon player Camille Abily.

This year’s women’s World Cup will be held in Canada and huge crowds are expected for the tournament spread across six cities from June 6 to July 5.

France’s national team are ranked third in the world and Lyon have been European club champions twice in the past four years.

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